Reception rooms

Giotto Room

The Giotto Room displays a unique style, enhanced by the atmosphere of the outdoor spaces.
The exclusivity of this space is ideal for hosting small important events of various kinds and comfortably accommodates about 60 guests.

Botticelli Room

The brand new Botticelli Room is right suitable for open air ceremonies, surrounded by our marvellous garden, under a natural arch made by the intersected branches of the trees that feature the whole area.

In the evening, the atmosphere becomes magical thanks to the enveloping illumination of white chandeliers that make the room warm and intimate and involve the guests in a fairy-tale setting. The round tables and the mise en place complete the charm of Sala Botticelli.

Raphael Room

Among our reception roomslocated a short distance from the historic centre of Lecce,, Sala Raffaello is the largest.

It has a huge hall, the details of which express the highest levels of elegance and prestige.

It can comfortably accommodate up to 300 people.


Villa Madama is among the most unusual restaurants in Puglia: it is in the center of a botanical park where nature helps to exalt a really striking scenario.

Unique in its genre, the park with its 60.000 sm collects different kind of palms, cactus and gazebos, and it is surrounded by the majestic variety of shapes and colors of the rarest and most typical flowers.

It is like the whole nature that surrounds the location want to create a striking world, where to make unique every food experience and emotion.


Villa Madama has also a small lake, right close to the gazebos.

In a play of light and reflections, the pond offers a romantic and evocative space where the sensations of an important day are highly amplified and charged with new emotions that are imprinted in the heart and memory.

It is also the right set for your wedding photo album.